The Strategic Mind of A Young Legend

Now, more than ever, it is imperative that you develop a personal brand to build a career + business. This is a step-by-step handbook from legacy expert Amara, who constructed a brand around graduating high school and college at 16 years old.

A powerful guide to start a business, build a brand, + achieve a successful career early.

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Who's behind this?

Hi, legend! My name is Amara. I am a coach that helps professionals monetize their personal brand through attracting jobs + building a business. 

I built a brand around graduating high school + college at 16, then again at 19. I am an author, speaker, and owner of A Young Legend + Dual Enrollment Co.

I am here to tell you this book will save you from your endless search for the TRUTH.

If you won't listen to me,

listen to them...

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Amara Leggett - A Young Legend - The Str
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Do this for YOU! 

Inside this actionable manual is exclusive content to help you jump start your career.


Start a business

✔ Build a personal brand

✔ Monetize your social network

✔ Graduate high school + college early

The Strategic Mind of A Young Legend can guide you through how to build a successful brand by starting from nothing.