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15 Side Hustles For You To Make Money

Here are ways to help your child prepare for life and teach them the lessons to make them successful. Keep reading to see 15 businesses your child could start TODAY. Make sure to stop by and read 7 Easy Ways To Raise A Genius here. I will also provide links to learn more about how to start.

1. Website / Game Designer ​     As a computer science major, I am learning programming through the traditional avenue. I also learned 7 programming languages (HTML, CSS, Javascript, jQuery, PHP, SQL, and Python) in 9th grade, with the help of Codecademy. That was 2 years ago and now they have much better FREE courses, so your child could stay ahead of technology and impress future employers as a self-taught programmer.

2. Blogger      I am privileged to have ran my blog for more than one year and I have learned many lessons along the way. I decided to start a blog about dual enrollment, but I have since added business to my niche. Blogging is a journey that cannot be rushed, yet the success your child could experience one they have put in the time, could be worthwhile. I started with $0.99, which was a domain I purchased from and I made my FREE website with They can write about whatever they like and they will eventually learn how to market on social media, create a brand, and hopefully monetize it.

3. Vlogger      Vlogging is a version of blogging, but it is more updated by using Youtube instead of a website to voice their niche topics. I would recommend this because it teaches them how to be confident in front of the camera. Your child has the chance to market, brand, and monetize similar to blogging.

4. Social Media Influencer      A social media influencer is a broad topic, but this can include Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and Snapchat. This can teach your child that they are able build a brand, just as they are with their social media now. They can express any interest they have with business, athletics, or clothes by providing value to their following. Once the build up a large following or small following of an engaged audience they can start promoting products that would be beneficial to the audience.

5. Motivational Speaker      I am beginning to think about this avenue of business. I will be doing a Ted Talk in April of 2018 regarding how to make a plan so good you can do anything, including graduate high school and college early. I love sharing my story and the opportunity of dual enrollment with others. There is a chance that I can start a business around this, by starting to speak at schools. I recommend that your child find a topic they are passionate about and make a presentation around it to speak about.

6. Photographer      I am starting to get into a little photography for my blog. I am practicing flat lays and my family takes pictures of me for the website. Although your child could start taking photos with their phone and do good editing, if you have the chance to purchase a camera, it is a great return on investment (ROI). I have seen people take great pictures with their phone, so your child can at least start practicing and learn to edit. Photos for businesses are valuable, people (like I) would pay good money for their website to look professional with a consistent theme.

7. Book Author      Anyone can write a book nowadays, especially an ebook. Several bloggers and children have published books, even Caleb Maddix. I plan to write my own book someday soon, but your child can start drafting the content and begin writing NOW.

8. Professional Cleaner      A cleaning business is pretty common for a child or an adult. It is easy to start with a few cleaning supplies and family or friends. People are always in need for a quick clean and your child can learn the basics of business to eventually turn a profit. This is a great to venture into because little knowledge is required to clean someone’s house. It can also teach a child the power of networking to help up their clientele that have bigger houses and good opportunities.

9. Tutor      I have explored this option myself as a result of the grades I received. I always enjoyed helping other students with topics they may struggle with, which I found helped me be a better role model. Once your child has helped some students for free and saw good results with their help, they could begin asking for payments. Your child could start a business by charging the parents of struggling students a small fee.

10. Non-Profit Organization Director      I will be starting a non-profit organization soon, so stay tuned! My school has senior projects and several students started a organization that raised money or supplies for a great cause. This would not help your child make money for them to spend but teach them the value in helping others. This is a chance to network for business people to get large amount of funding and be a part of their community. Any child can start this today with the passion in their heart to help others.

11. Wholesaler      A Wholesaler is someone who buys a shipment of products in bulk and resells them for a profit. A great example is if your child purchased a lot of fidget spinners from a manufacturer, created a website, and sold to other kids. This is only if you have the capital to help your child purchase in bulk.

12. Dropshipper ​     Dropshipping is similar to wholesaling, yet your child would not purchase the product, but would just create the website for people to buy from. Your child would be the middleman between the transactions without the trouble of holding supplies until sold. The trouble with the two type of side hustles is finding a cheap supplier for your child to make a good profit.

13. Product Creator      This may be one of the easiest ways to start a business, especially if it is a popular sell. One example is ripped t-shirts. Your child could buy t-shirts wholesale, fashionably cut holes, and sell them. This is a good creative outlet and a chance for an idea to turn into a successful business. I did a senior project where I created a 3D design to convert waste into natural gas and I could continue to explore this as a business, but it is an expensive project.

14. Marketing Consultant      If your child is successful on social media, they have the chance to do the same for businesses. They could start by pitching their success and abilities to a small business and offer the services for free. This is an opportunity for your child to use their strengths on social media to make money and potentially help companies be successful as well.

15. Coach      I have started investigating this avenue because I found that people look to me for advice, whether they are younger or older than me. I love sharing my story, experiences, and knowledge with others to help them be successful in their life. Your child can help others by giving programming lessons, start a book club, or mentor them in education and business.

     Now, you have 15 amazing business ideas that your child could start tomorrow with their great abilities. Your child is a Young Legend and has the opportunity to learn the best qualities to help them succeed, being a leader and a hustler! A business can teach them time management and give them several chances to be in front of successful adults and children that have a similar mindset. Your child can prepare their elevator pitch for their business here. If you like the 15 side hustles, make sure to check out 10 great reads to inspire your child to start a business here.



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