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Are you looking for an inspiring entrepreneur who built a brand around graduating high school + college at 16?

You found the right girl! From tv shows to small podcasts, I am on a mission to share my story on achieving the impossible. 

As a 19-year-old entrepreneur of multiple businesses, I help professionals build a personal brand, and students navigating the Dual Enrollment program. 

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Amara Leggett, A Young Legend wa on the cover CHIONE's latest issue.
Amara Leggett - A Young Legend - Desh Vi
Amara Leggett - A Young Legend - Role Mo
The Root Young Futurists - Amara Leggett
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Amara Leggett, also known as “A Young Legend,” is the author of The Strategic Mind of A Young Legend, speaker, and entrepreneur of multiple businesses. 


She graduated from high school and college at 16 and she is on track to graduate again with her Bachelor's degree in Computer Science at 19 in December of 2020. Amara is the owner of A Young Legend, as a personal brand strategist for professionals seeking to build a personal brand and/or business. She is also the CEO of the Dual Enrollment Co., which offers resources and consultations to help students and parents navigate the Dual Enrollment program. From a 16-year-old blogger to an entrepreneur, she has built a brand around accomplishing success at any age, starting with her TEDx Talk on how to develop a plan and make the impossible possible that has reached 10K views.

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Reach out to Contact@AYoungLegend to schedule an interview time. 

I look forward to our collaboration!

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