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Amara Leggett - Software Developer & Cyb

Tech Portfolio

I started my tech journey in 8th grade when I taught myself 7 programming languages with the help of Codecademy and developed my own version of Cookie Clicker. 

Since then, I have received my high school diploma and an Associate of Science degree at 16 as well as a B.S. in Computer Science with a specialization in Information Assurance at 19. I discovered my interest in Cybersecurity after I had the chance to shadow the Security Assurance team at one of my internships, which led me to obsess over Hacktivity news. 

I'm a developer by nature but a cybersecurity nerd at heart.

Community Engagement

The HAPPY Organization Logo.jpg

Board of Director, The HAPPY Organization

Guardian Life Insurance Logo.png

Inclusion & Diversity Council Member, Guardian Life Insurance

Together Digital Logo.png

Advisory Board Member, Together Digital

Technical Projects

1-12-2022 Business Calculator Working on Live Site.png
4-30-2022 Final Screenshot of Working Calculator.png
11-19-2021 Screenshot 1.jpg
4-4-2022 Final Screenshot of Form 1.png
1-12-2022 Investing Calculator Working on Live Site.png
4-28-2022 Final Screenshot of Live Calculator 2.png
4-16-2022 Final Screenshot of Live Site With Events.png
2021-02-16 (5).png
2021-12-31 Design in Preview Mode Screenshot 1.png
2-23-2022 Screenshot of Final Image of Working Calculator with Values on Preview.png
2-27-2022 Final Image of Business Index.png
2-13-2022 Final Image Working Coach Profile and Email Form.png

Cybersecurity Accomplishments

Bug Bounty for Beginners article - Amara
Computer Club at Saint Leo University -

In addition to a published article about bug bounty training for beginners, I was also a member of the Computer & Hacking Club at Saint Leo University where we completed simulation capture the flag challenges. 

Transferrable Skills


As a result of being a published author, I have strong writing skills that allow me to write in-depth technical documentation.

Since I am an experienced public speaker, I am able to communicate effectively and present well for demos.

wiregrass_6895 edit.jpg

Since I have owned and managed a business for over 3 years, I am a visionary executive and capable of leading.

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