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A powerful guide to start a business, build a brand and achieve a successful career early, by brand and dual enrollment strategist, Amara Leggett. 


Now, more than ever, it is imperative that you develop a personal brand to build a career or business. The Strategic Mind of A Young Legend is a step-by-step handbook from legacy expert Amara, who constructed a brand around graduating high school and college at 16 years old. Inside is Foolproof tactics to skyrocket your influence by defining your unique story and value proposition.  


From a 17-year-old TEDx Speaker to an entrepreneur of multiple businesses, Leggett shares her journey from dreaming of building a legacy at 13 years old to building a business as a teenage CEO. 


A story of trials and tribulations that led to success all before she turned 18 years old. Amara is a role model defying the stereotypes set before she was born, that only propelled her motivation to succeed in higher education as well as business. She is the perfect example of someone who started from nothing but with a great mentor that happened to also be her mother and the appropriate resources to ignite her passion for advocacy.


In this book, Amara reveals:

  • How to graduate high school and college early with dual enrollment

  • How to build a personal brand and monetize your network

  • How to start a business


You can also find exclusive content with an actionable manual to jump-start your career and personal brand by graduating from school early. 

Everyone has the potential for greatness whether you change the world or mentor someone who does. The Strategic Mind of A Young Legend can guide you through how to build a successful brand by starting from nothing.

The Strategic Mind of A Young Legend

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