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5 Tips to Motivate Yourself

Updated: Jul 13, 2020

As 2019 has entered your mind, a new chapter of your life must start. Have you thought about your New Years Resolutions?

Those resolutions often last about 5 seconds in my life. How about you? Think about how to stay motivated and create goals that you will accomplish with a definite YES this coming year.

Page 1 of 365… is officially here!

I am finishing 2018 in the worst way possible. Unmotivated. I am now ready to enter 2019 with a smile on my face and passion in my eyes. As an entrepreneur, your inspiration can determine your success, so you have to consistently find ways to revive yourself. That is why I am sharing exercises I have learned and used from the most empowering business leaders to start a new year with fresh ideas.

To be completely honest with you, I have not been feeling the greatest and I do not mean “feeling sick.” I mean lacking motivation and the energy to do anything. Quite frankly, I have been resting my mind by binge-watching Netflix movies. It took me a long time to realize that taking a break in life and in business is not a bad thing, you just have to understand the consequence. Clients may not come as often if you do not continue with your business strategy to attract them.

When I think back on my life I have been working non-stop since I was fourteen years old. From starting college classes and being a full-time student for 2 years, even in the summer. Then, continuing college after graduation until now where I have been working 24/7 and 7 days a week. I think I deserve a little time to myself.

I put a post on Instagram that really sums up my experiences with 2018.

Since today is January 1, 2019, I wanted to share some exercises with you in case you are feeling a little under the weather when it comes to motivation.

1. Write Your Goals For 2019

The best way to enter a new year is with a sense of direction. With 365 days, a guide of what you hope to achieve helps you know where to start. Take a few minutes to write out at least 10 goals to accomplish. Also, make a few notes of how you will attain them & use this as your 2019 success strategy. Refer to this every time you face an obstacle or forget what you are working so hard for.

2. What Would You Do If Money Was Not A Factor?

In a moment when you feel discouraged, you need to discover your why. Your purpose in life will help you get out of bed every morning. Look deep inside yourself to find out what you would do if all your bills were paid and obligations met. Once you know the answer to that questions, start acting on it without worrying about making money. Then slowly make moves to give quality and get paid in return.

Jay Morrison, CEO of Tulsa Real Estate Fund and Founder of Jay Morrison Academy, did a great TEDx Talk about finding what your true path is in life.

3. What Does Your Dream “A Day In The Life” Look Like?

What would the structure of your day look like if you were successful?

Would you read in the morning, eat lunch at the beach, and finish off the night responding to emails for your automated online business? Spend time to write out what each hour would be and what will maximize your happiness. As you write letters to form words, visualize your day. Begin to manifest opportunities and the dream life of your future.

4. Do Something Good For Someone Else

For the last two months, I have been just going through the motions. I was recently given the chance to say a few words and read an excerpt from my book “The Strategic Mind of A Young Legend” at a Teen Open Mic. The co-founder of Gahanna Inclusion for Teens & Young Adults invited me and she ultimately got me out of my funk. That night, I left Gahanna’s Youth Center with an appreciation for the life I have been able to create and inspire others daily.

Giving back when you feel that you have nothing to give, is when you contribute what you do have, a heart. An opportunity like this will give you a chance to start thinking about others. You may just come out with answers to your questions, especially about what your true purpose is in life.

5. Create A Vision Board

Many people have family traditions of bringing together images that reflect their yearly goals. Cut out pictures in magazines or print off images that show your goals on a pin board. Do you see a white Mercedes G Class (I do) or a crowd of people that you hope to inspire as you speak to them? Whatever it is, show your mind a clear lifestyle you will be working toward.

You can also create a vision board online with Pinterest or make a collage to have as your desktop background. Either way, feel, believe, and smell that new car smell as you place it on your 2019 bucket list.

I want you to grace 2019 will hustle and passion, but you can’t understand who you need to be unless you know where you are going. Find your WHY, what you truly DESIRE, and the LIFE you want to live before you start working. Realize what you want to achieve and become accountable for the decisions you make starting today. With 365 new days, you have 365 new chances because the best is yet to come.

Happy New Year Young Legends!


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