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7 Ways To Raise A Young Legend

If you want your kid to be great, then treat them like a business partner.  Here are 7 ways you can help ignite your child’s imagination for education and life.

1. Brainstorming Sessions Talk your children through their thoughts on life and education. Bring up topics that they saw on television and expand on what they think about it. When you start having conversations about the children wanting extra money, think about starting a business instead of getting a job. Brainstorm how they can make an impact on the community with a nonprofit organization or starting a movement. I always have conversations about what is next for me and how to better build my brand.

2. Be Invested In What They Like Sometimes kids will look to the parent for advice on how to proceed and it is always nice to watch the parent get involved. I know that I love when my mother is able to edit my posts or she takes pictures for my website, social media, and my published stories. It helps to know I am doing something right with my business if my family is on board. So, jump in to help them on a school project or share your experiences on the subject. Set the example for what they should do when they come home instead of watch television or play games. Read, watch motivational videos, or work on an project outside of work so they feel that they should do the same.

3. Watch Motivational Youtube Videos  I love to watch videos of intelligent and amazing children who are making an impact while making an income. Lately I have been watching the Dance Moms dancers: Kalani, Chloe, Nia, Maddie, and Mackenzie because it is interesting to see all the opportunities they have gained from the show. They motivate me to keep building up my brand and exposure. I also enjoy watching Caleb Maddix, which I recommend watching because he is successful motivational speaker at 16 years old.

4. Explore Their Thoughts Further I love to do extended research on a random question I have. For example, I was sitting in the car and I had a thought about if you could turn waste into energy. As soon as I got home, I looked more into it and eventually it became my senior project of converting a business idea into a 3D design. Those unplanned inquiries could be the next big thing for a business or ways to better the world. Encourage them to look further into it and tell you their thoughts.

5. Google It Begin to make Googling a habit. This will be your child’s best friend and it will become valuable when they constantly want to learn. I am obsessed with googling everything so much that I have “withdraws” when I can’t. I love to learn and Google helped encourage my outside research of any topic I have more questions about. Tell them to research the celebrities they look up to and learn their background, charity projects, business, and lifestyle because of their success. Trust me, it works. My mother says it all the time and I laugh because it is the story of my life. As soon as they ask a question out loud, tell them “Google it.”

6. Start The Talk Early  I know you might be wondering what “talk”, but I am referring to college and future careers.

My mom and I began talking about college in 3rd grade. I also completed an assignment in middle where we had to reach out to colleges, at the time I wanted to be a dancer. Then, the following year students had to create a budget plan based on a job and that time I wanted to be a project manager. During this, I was also exploring business and I did a presentation to my 8th grade class about how to start a business.

Start talking about their interests and what they plan to do with it in the future. You could also begin mentioning investing so if they do ever earn money, they know what to do with it other than spend it.

7. Start A Business Encourage your child to start a business because they will also learn execution, time management, and have the opportunity to explore their passion. My mother is a business owner and I started my own business at 16 years old, so I learned the “behind the scenes” before I started. I also did two years of research until I found something I wanted to do, which is this blog. I believe that a business can help your child with their resume and prepare for their professional career earlier than usual.

     Now that you know the 7 ways to help your child be great on whatever path they choose, begin treating them like your business partner. You want to help them succeed and maybe even at a younger age than most, so you begin sharing ways to entertain and prepare them for life.

When people ask my mom what she did to have a daughter that graduated high school and college at 16 years old,  she says “I had intelligent conversations with her” eventually sparking my motivation for business, education, and investing. Now, go out and create a Young Legend you know will change the world!


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