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Tech Entrepreneur On The Rise

It’s a pleasure to highlight our newest Young Legend Nishant Chittari. A 17 year old talented, young entrepreneur. He has accomplished much within the last five years, that would take many others years to do the same. He is currently a senior at New Albany High School and is enrolled in classes at Ohio State University to double major in Business Administration and Data Analytics. In addition to his advanced education, he has launched multiple companies. SiO Technologies, includes finding energy solutions for a Thorium element, web development and marketing, and building a healthcare infrastructure with his business partner,  Keith Moody. I was most excited to interview him because he is a young entrepreneur juggling high school, college, and running a business.

His day to day schedule is full from six in the morning to midnight. He attends school at nine until three o’clock most days, after which he proceeds to work. With the exception of one day, he works on the businesses until eight. Finally, he does homework before bed. On Tuesday, he leads the robotics team at New Albany High School and often has dinner there.  His interest was sparked in engineering and computer science after he learned from a program called, For Inspiration and Recognition of Science and Technology (F.I.R.S.T), that hosts robotics competitions. He passionately stated, “as soon as I saw what we could do, I was hooked.” He now leads 35 students as this year’s captain, after four years of dedicated involvement.

“I knew that when I started a business, it had to be something with computer science. I love technology & the business aspect.” When I asked, “who motivates you”, he immediately mentioned that Elon Musk’s vision is admirable. He has experienced several roadblocks with finding an appropriate office space for his business and at one point he was working out of a garage. One quote by Musk that speaks volumes to him is “Failure is an option. If things are not failing, you are not innovating enough.” In five years Nishant wonders “what can I provide to people?” More importantly, he ponders about an equal opportunity health care system for everyone. He hopes to find more renewable energy sources from Thorium, a radioactive element which decays into other like kind elements for energy. Although I asked Nishant where he hopes to see himself in the future, all he could think about is “where do I see everybody else in 5 yrs.” That shows how compassionate he is for service and improving the world.


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