Top 5 Rising Women In 2018

Updated: May 16, 2019

In celebration of International Day of Girl on October 11, 2018, I want to share 10 Young Legends that are rising up to become powerful women of the world. This important day stemmed from the theme “With Her: A Skilled Girl Force.” Most often a power woman has a group of other outstanding women supporting and rooting for her success. This is a chance to advocate for the power that women can hold if they are given the right resources.

I recently spoke at an event called “She is Unstoppable: She Can. She Will. She do.” hosted by Role Model Magazine and this was to empower the new generation of girls. I sat on the branding panel to discuss business, social media, and women empowerment. The main topic was how everyone can truly achieve success in all areas, like business, education, the non-profit sector, and life.

“If you don’t see the book you want read on the shelf? Write it.” - Beverly Clearly

I never saw a curly-haired girl like me value education in the way that I did, enough to graduate high school & college at 16 years old. I never saw a teenager wearing a blazer wi