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SEO Guide + Checklist

This fillable guide provides a roadmap to optimizing your website for organic traffic. In order to grow your personal brand + business you need to invest in how your customers will find you.

Grab your FREE guide + checklist to take your site from abandoned to busy. 

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Who's behind this?

Hi, legend! My name is Amara. I am a coach that helps professionals build a personal brand and money-making business. 

I built a brand around graduating high school + college at 16, then again at 19. I am an author, speaker, and owner of A Young Legend + Dual Enrollment Co.

That was a mouthful but, I am here to tell you this guide helped my content go viral.

If you have been waiting for a step-by-step guide to help you maximize your organic reach, enter your email below.

When you subscribe today you get this and access to the Resource Library full of FREE resources!

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SEO Guide + Checklist
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