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Amara Leggett - CEO of the Dual Enrollme

Hi Legend!

I'm Amara aka A Young Legend

Ever since I received my high school diploma and Associate of Science degree at 16 years old, I've been on a whirlwind of a journey.


From delivered a TEDx Talk to launching The Strategic Mind of A Young Legend, I've shared my story around the world. Then, I launched the Dual Enrollment Company to help students graduate early + debt-free with Dual Enrollment by providing the content, tools, and products for them to succeed. 


 When I'm not wearing my CEO hat, I love to work on coding projects and expand my cybersecurity knowledge. I recently graduated with a B.S. in Computer Science at 19, so this is just the beginning.

Tech Portfolio

Now that I have graduated from my Computer Science program, I am open to opportunities in technology. As I continue to grow my knowledge in software development and cybersecurity, I am documenting my journey here and on my YouTube channel. 

Check out my portfolio to see what I've been up to and my plans for the future. 

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Dual Enrollment Company Logo - No words

Dual Enrollment Company

Dual Enrollment Company - Amara Leggett,

As the CEO of the Dual Enrollment Company, I have the honor of creating content, products, and digital tools that truly help students be successful in Dual Enrollment. 

Our mission is to help students graduate early & debt-free with Dual Enrollment.  

The Strategic Mind of A Young Legend

From a 17-year-old TEDx Speaker to an entrepreneur, Leggett shares her journey from dreaming of building a legacy at 13 years old to building a business as a teenage CEO.

This is a story of trials and tribulations that led to her success all before she turned 18. 

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