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8 Reasons Why You Need a Website for Your Personal Brand

Welcome to Part 2 of the Website Series where I share how and why you need a website for your personal brand.

Here’s how you can read Part 1 on How to Make a FREE Personal Brand Website and be sure to come back when you are done.

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The perfect candidates that should consider building a website are business owners, brand builders, professionals, college students, kids. Okay, practically everyone.

You can use a website for your portfolio, resume, blog, personal brand, organization, and even your passion project or a new hobby. With that in mind, I think you understand how powerful a website can be.

I am going to dive deep into why these 8 reasons should be enough for you to consider the next steps to take in your brand. Below each reason will be a great example website that you can refer to when you make your own.

1. Resume

With a little less than 8 billion people in this world and the automation of resume scanners, an employee is less likely to even review your resume. This is precisely why you want to stand out and make it more accessible to the people that you are speaking with for possible job positions.

Imagine attending a job fair or industry conference and you are holding a great conversation with a potential employer. You hand the person your business card and a physical copy of your resume. They add your resume to the long list of others collected that day, but they take a few minutes to look over the content of your business card. You just happen to mention that they can view your resume online as well that contains further details on your past opportunities. You walk away, but they check out your website while waiting for the next person to walk past the table.

I will let your mind wander about what could happen next.

This is just one possible scenario I personally know works well, because it has happened to me several times regarding possible jobs.

2. Portfolio

If you are in an industry that requires you to show past work to get into a school, university, or job, creating a portfolio as a website is a great way to stand out.

Similar to the first reason above, uniqueness and accessibility apply here. You can showcase your work on social media and in person to get that technical or arts job of your dreams.

3. Personal Brand

If you did not know already a personal brand is you!

You have a reputation to uphold and this follows you as you level up in life. Many people have personal websites outlining who they are and what they do. This could also include your resume, portfolio, blog, or business.

Corporate executives who are also speakers or authors may want to create a website. The CEO of a popular business may want to do consultations to help other business owners. This is just a few examples of why you should have a personal brand website. The difference is you don’t have to be far into your career like the scenarios mentioned above to consider creating one.

4. Blog

Creating a blog is a great way to expand your personal brand in your corporate career or business. Although, any website can have a blog. A website can have content dedicated to the blog. Writing blog posts about an interest, things you do at your fun job, or your daily life as a busy mom is content that other people may want to read, so share it with the world.

My website started out as just a blog and now it has turned more to a personal brand website that contains a blog and is a business with products and services.

5. Content

If you have a YouTube channel, publish dissertations, or release music as just a few examples, this should also be included on your website. Not only is a website the only platform that you control, but you can continue to share with others who may not be on those other platforms.

If your grandmother wants to listen to your music, but she is not on SoundCloud or Spotify, you can make a website to house it. Then you can expand your audience by including accessibility.

YouTube or Instagram could no longer be a platform for the business or brand you built as a content creator, but you can always draw them to your website and capture their email to continue sales.

6. Business

When you have a business, you need a website. Even if most of your business is on social media, always have a website for people to research the legitimacy of your business.

You can showcase your team, why you started it, and your products or services. A website can draw organic traffic to make revenue. A great example of this is Amazon.

7. Organization

Starting a non-profit organization needs a website just as much as a business. You practically are a business that puts the money back into the mission.

A website creates a platform for people to follow your journey, donate money or their time as volunteers, and share how you are giving back. You don’t need funds just to make a website, there are ways to create a free website which you can find here.

8. Movement

A movement should absolutely have a website. This is the best way for new people to stumble onto the site from researching injustice close to their hearts. Just like a non-profit organization, people can find exactly how to get involved or donate to the cause by displaying it on a website.

A website helps people understand why they should support you. Your website is your first impression especially in the world of technology. People can easily search a term or phrase and you pop up as the first link in Google’s search. If you are interested in search engine optimizing your content, check out this FREE SEO Guide + Checklist.

What do you want people to know about you and what you do? Wait, don’t tell me. Put it on your website.

Check out Part 1 of the series to create your free or affordable website today with all the resources and information you need to know. Subscribe for new content like this every week to help you grow your brand or business and Part 3 of the Website Series.

Comment below what kind of website you have or plan to create.


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