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How To Fast Track Your Education Before Life Hits

The 2018 - 2019 school year is approaching and I am sure you are ready for your kids to head back to school. What if they could maximize the five to six hours they attended class and be able to graduate early. Here are four outstanding way to fast track your child’s education and place them on a path to success starting now!

1. Advanced Classes      As you may already know, I am a high school and college graduate at 16 years old. I was able to do just that by joining a nationwide dual enrollment program. In my state the initiative is referred to as College Credit Plus, which allows students as young as in 7th grade to replace their classes with college courses and receive dual credit for free. I started taking college classes my freshman year of high school, at 14 years old, and have since received an Associate of Science degree and high school diploma half way through my junior year. Dual enrollment allows your child focus on education and their passion for learning in the early years of their life.

     Your child can also take Advanced Placement (A.P.) courses, which have a good amount pros and cons. Although you do have to pay for the end of year tests, your child may receive college credit when transferring to a college with AP classes.Your student would be able to pass through general education courses much more effectively through dual enrollment because the schedule changes every four months with new classes after completing the previous, instead of year round A.P. classes.

2. Self - Teach      Your child can make a free account with Khan Academy and start learning every class possible right from their laptop. That website can also be helpful when your child starts taking advanced classes and require more preparation to make sure they pass the class with a good grade. There are plenty of other books and websites for your child to learn ahead of everybody else, with your help they could be the next early graduate changing the world.      Another alternative to self teaching is if they are successful with online learning, you should consider online school. With that in mind, they would be able to work at their own pace, and drive through the basic classes, so they can get started on what will make them successful as adults.

3. Reading      The act of reading books and articles to gain knowledge is recommended by educational, spiritual, and influential business leaders. It is the easiest way for your child to learn challenging vocabulary words, learn about different worldly perspectives, and be able to brainstorm great ideas to make Earth a better place for future generations.

     If they are highly interested in a certain topic, create Google Alerts for them to receive daily emails full of articles to keep them updated. This encourages them to love reading, leaning, and staying in touch with an area of interest. If you would to know a list of books to encourage innovation and entrepreneurship, view “Top 10 Great Reads To Fuel Entrepreneurship” here.

4. Have Dedication      Continuing on the path of advanced education, will require your child to be dedicated, persistent, willing to make the tough decisions. I understand that you only want the best for your child, and let them know that. If you explain to them that they are reading “Think And Grow Rich” by Napoleon Hill so they can understand how to manifest the opportunities for them to make money on their own terms, your child will begin to process the reason behind all your decisions. If they take three to five college classes every semester, they will be able to graduate high school and college at 15, so they can  receive a doctorate by 21. If they say to themselves everyday in the mirror that they are a “15 year old entrepreneur, college graduate, and hundred thousandaire” they will begin to feel the shade of the tree you planted for them.

     The most important thing to consider when your child chooses their path is where they want to be in the near future. I wanted to start my own business when I was 14 years old, so I wanted a school schedule that allowed my to follow my dream as a blogger and motivational speaker. Several well known business leaders in the world today started when they were in high school and college because they had less to lose as a 18 year old, than they would if they were 35 years old with a family, mortgage, and student debt up to their knees. Now that you have four great ways to jump start your child success in education this coming school year, what will you do with it?


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