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What is Dual Enrollment?

Updated: Jul 13, 2020

Amara Leggett (A Young Legend) is holding two of her graduation cap tassles with the year 2017 on it to signify that she graduated high school and college simultaneously.

Dual enrollment is a national program that allows a student to be enrolled in two institutions simultaneously.

The two common scenarios are to be in middle school and college or high school and college. In addition to taking advanced classes early, the credit you earn in college could count as credit towards your other institution if the curriculum aligns.

As a high school and college graduate at sixteen years old, I want to share how this program changed my life and prompted me to become an author, entrepreneur, and motivational speaker. Most people who hear my story or stumble upon my website ask the same six questions, so I am laying it out right here for you to be informed also. Time to revel in the opportunity of a lifetime to advance a student’s educational journey.

Why Should I Consider Dual Enrollment?

A student should consider dual enrollment if they find that they are doing well in their primary institution or in home-schooling. I encourage the program if (1) you have a little extra time on your hands, (2) you are interested in graduating early based on your personal goals, (3) are not able to attend college without financial assistance, or (4) would like to stand out for jobs and college. The dual enrollment provides many opportunities like dual credit and progression in education.

I personally considered dual enrollment because all the factors listed above applied to my life and a similar program was new in my state. I took advantage of the limited rules to entry and dipped my toe in dual enrollment. Two years later, I received my Associate of Science degree 10 days after I was presented my high school diploma in the middle of my junior year. Since December of 2017, I continued my education to get my bachelor’s degree in Computer Science.

Am I Eligible for Dual Enrollment?

Eligibility guidelines depend on the state you reside in, so spend a little time researching “dual enrollment in …,” especially on the Department of Higher Education. You may even find that they have a specific name for the program. For example, in Ohio it is named College Credit Plus.

Just to give you an idea here are the conditions for Ohio:

  • Enrolled in at least 7th grade

  • You have at least a 3.0 G.P.A. unless you have a letter from your school counselor suggesting that you can join the program.

  • Complete the process of applying for College Credit Plus admission with your high school by signing a letter of intent to join

I do not want you to be discouraged about these guidelines, but talk to the high school counselor for how to proceed. One thing that remains the same is you can be home-schooled, in public or private school and still be a part of the program.

How is it financed?

I apologize for saying it again, but it depends on where you live. Some states allow students to take college classes and give you books for free, which was an option for me when I started. Ohio, now asks the students to pay for books. Some factors to consider is if you take more than the credits allotted to a student in school and college credits, you have to pay for the additional credits and pay for books. Also, if you enroll in college classes as a more expensive school, like a private university, then you may only receive a discounted price for tuition.

The last cost I will add for you to consider is transportation. If a student’s school is near a college and they provide a bridge program, transportation may be provided. If you need to get to school on your own, then you may need to choose your academic schedule based on the route you can take. There are college classes that may be offered at a high school, on weekends, or to be taken online. You have plenty of options to continue your academic path to success.

How Does Dual Enrollment Benefit Me?

  • The biggest benefits a student can receive:

  • Free or reduced college tuition.

  • Start and finish college early.

  • You can join college sports because technically you are a college student! =)

  • Alternative schooling to advance your education to a semester basis.

  • And so much more...

Are College Classes Hard?

This is the one question that I get from parents and students alike. I have even heard that this reason alone is why students are scared to try college classes. In school, teachers tell you college is hard, but in reality, it is just like what they are currently experiencing.

I can tell you from being in college for more than three years and I only just turned eighteen years old that if you do your work, study, and seek a tutor when you are struggling, you will pass all your classes with flying colors. Now, I have received C’s in class, although I was a straight A student my entire life, that taught me valuable lessons that not everything is easy if it’s good for you. Joining the dual enrollment family is a journey, but every student leaves the program more prepared for life than when they entered. If you are ever having trouble, please speak with a counselor, your family, or ME! I am here for you as well, so shoot me a message for a mentor who knows her stuff!

How Do I Get started?

Besides my FREE 10 Step Guide To Graduate School Early, which you can receive TODAY, I also want to give you a few actionable tips to get started with pursuing this program.

  1. Research dual enrollment in your state to find out the general eligibility requirements.

  2. Contact your school counselor to find out the paperwork needed to apply.

  3. Apply to the higher education institution you want to attend, like a community college (I chose this) all the way to a private four-year college.

  4. Proceed by taking a college placement exam and meet with counselors at both schools to see what courses you can take and receive dual credit for.

  5. Lastly, be amazing!

So Young Legends, are you ready to be a part of dual enrollment to fast track your education before life hits? I was 14 years old when I took my first college class and I have never looked back. Your time is now to advance your education and be legendary on your own terms.


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