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Esther Okade, 13-Year-Old Math Genius

Updated: Jan 23, 2021

Esther Okade is a 13-year-old math genius that plans to receive her PhD in 2018. Prodigy is defined as “a person, especially a child or young person, having extraordinary talent or ability.” She is definitely that and this is only the beginning of her prosperity in education.

The Beginning of Esther Okade      Esther has always excelled in math, even before she entered school. She has enjoyed learning about number and her family realized that early on. Her mother began teaching her basic number skills and homeschooling her at age 3. At 4 years old she strived to learn algebra and quadratic equations. Then, she took her first Math high school qualification exam at 6 and passed with an A-grade the following year. What is Esther doing now?      At 10 years old Esther enrolled in Open University, a UK distance learning college, which she stands at the top of her class. She enjoys learning “real math”, like theories and complex numbers. She dreamed of starting college at 7 years old and after begging her family for 3 years, they finally decided to enroll her. Esther, a British-Nigerian Young Legend is one of the youngest college students in the United Kingdom.

The Future of Esther Okade      Although she has not reached her teen years yet, she does have plans for her future. Esther hoped to finish her undergraduate program in two years and receive her master’s degree in one year. Now she is on track to receive her PhD in Financial Mathematics this year and start her own business in the banking industry by 15 years old. She would love to open a bank because she enjoys numbers and helping others. Not only is she achieving her education early, but she is also creating children workbooks for math called “Yummy Yummy Algebra.”

Her family is also accomplishing great things with their philanthropic endeavors. Her parent launched a foundation to build a nursery and primary school in Nigeria named “Shakespeare’s Academy.” The curriculum will cover the core subjects, but also morality, ethics, public speaking. In addition, they will have courses on entrepreneurship and etiquette from what Esther’s parents have taught her and her brother. Her brother, Isiah, is on his way to achieving amazing things in school as well. Their main objective is to give children of that region insight on education, besides acquiring qualifications. Lessons Learned from Esther 1. Develop a Passion for Learning      Esther only had a passion for learning that allowed her to keep growing her knowledge in an interested field. Personal and professional development is needed to achieve success. Your business needs to change with the times and so does your skills. Continue to strive for your goals and aim the bar higher.

2. You Can Do Anything You Set Your Mind To Setting a goal is a great way to push yourself mentally and physically. You have the potential to succeed with your ambition and dedication. Don’t forget that you are a Young Legend.

As seen by CNN “Meet the 10-year-old math genius who’s just enrolled at college,” Esther has accomplished a great deal at her age. Black Enterprise has also showcased her love for math to share with the world, “Meet the 10-year-old genius who’s studying for a college degree.” I can only imagine what Esther Okade will do with her talent, but I am positive she will use her knowledge to help others. You can read more about her on BCK online, where she was recently featured since being officially classified a Genius.


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